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Preventing Storm Damage

Feb 17, 2022 | Blog, DuraPost, Garden, Timber

It’s that time of year when the weather can be unpredictable and here in Worcestershire we are all too familiar with floods and storm damage.  With Storm Eunice about the arrive in UK, Worcester Timber Products are here to help you prepare to prevent damage from gales, snow, storms and floods – all major factors that causes stress, disruption and potential create unsecured property.

If mother nature has blessed you with storm damage to your garden or outdoor spaces, remember that Worcester Timber Products have a network of fence installers who provide an emergency fencing service with the ability to respond at short notice to secure collapsed or dangerous fences, often associated with major storms or flooding.

Let’s think first about prempting mother nature’s blessings. Poor installation or product can often mean that your fences aren’t as stable as they should be, so that if the wind picks up and your fence starts to sway, it can only hold on for so long if it’s not firmly installed.  Factors from fence holes or gaps, to tilted fence posts and incorrect nails are all reasons that could lead to vulnerability of your fence at the slightest sign of adverse weather.

In addition, the design of the fencing and the materials it’s made of will assist or deter adverse weather.  The type of post is important too: standard timber fence posts won’t fare as well as more robust products against strong winds.  When it comes to panels, semi-solid or slatted offer less wind resistance and look great in situ too.

The fence nails are extremely important and will make a surprisingly big difference to the outcome of stormy weather. They keep your fence together which in turn keeps the garden secure.  Poor quality nails will rust more quickly, which can then cause rotting, splitting, splinters and orangey staining.

Worcester Timber Products are experts in fencing, from installation through to repair and replacement, and the team highly recommends DuraPost which is designed to the highest quality to withstand winds of up to 110mph! Not only has DuraPost been wind tested, but it comes with a 25 year guarantee too.  Although good weather can’t be promised, the resistance of DuraPost can.

Once you have chosen DuraPost, get a head start by employing a professional fencing contractor to install your fence.  Using a trusted fencing contractor for the installation of your fence will ensure that all these aforementioned factors are addressed and the best possible make and style of panels and posts used for your needs and any weather conditions.