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Why Millboard?

May 31, 2022 | Blog, Garden, Timber

Millboard combines the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of polyurethane, a material widely recognized for its strength. Polyurethane is used in many industries where durability and strength is required, eliminating the inevitable rotting, warping and deterioration of natural wood. Millboard maintains a functional and highly attractive deck for years to come. Key highlights include:

  • Made in the UK
  • Moulded from real oak
  • Highly slip-resistant
  • Splinter-free
  • Rot & split resistant
  • Lost-head fixing
  • Low maintenance

As a family-run business, the company has been marrying British craftsmanship to the inspiration of nature since 1976.  Millboard decking and cladding demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality and distinction. The only decking hand-moulded from natural timbers.  Millboard decking is virtually indistinguishable from real wood, yet outperforms it on almost every level.  Unlike timber boards, or even some conventional composite boards, Millboard decking resists the elements, requires minimal maintenance, is slip and stain resistant and wont rot from fungal decay or warp, unlike timber.

The mould masters for the Millboard range are carefully selected.  The Weathered Oak range, for example, is moulded from over a century old oak boards.  And the Enhanced Grain range is exquistely rendered from refined timber for a smooth look and feel.

Each board is carefully hand-coloured in the realistic true-to-life tonal shades that are Millboards signature feature.  This attention to detail reflects Millboards desire to provide the most authentic wood-look decking on the market today.  Their ethos is to continually reinvest in new product research and development.  This has led Millboard to bring some of the most advanced and unique products to the market – such as patented Durafix® screws and Lastane® coated board are just two of their exclusive innovations.

A Closer Look

Millboard decking uses a unique material, unrivalled across the globe. Take a closer look at the construction and performance of this stunning yet functional decking.

Tough: The unique Lastane layer resists scratches and stains and is designed to withstand more demanding outdoor environments than timber can.

Lighter: Our unique. closed ‘cellular’ internal structure reduces weight while maintaining strength.

Enduring: The dual-tone Lastane surface is hand tinted using pigments designed to replicate the look of natural timber

Stronger: The structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength.

Safer: Millboard is wood-free and non-porous, which means high resistance to algae growth and excellent anti-slip properties.

Durable: Millboard decking is solid, not hollow. This makes it strong and means it won’t warp, rot or harbour insects and pests like timber would.

Remarkable craftsmanship

From the initial laying of the unique Lastane surface, right through the pouring of fibre-reinforced resin-mineral filler, we focus on achieving an excellent quality of finish. Our respect for accuracy permeates every square millimetre, with tried and tested processes that help our master craftsmen to deliver an authentic wood look finish.

Rigorously Tested

Each length of Millboard is the result of a long process of craftmanship and attention to detail. From the initial layering of the unique Lastane surface, right through the pouring of fiber-reinforced resin-mineral filler, we focus on achieving the finest quality of finish. Our respect for accuracy permeates every square millimetre and this is why many of our processes are carried out manually. For example, each piece is hand-coloured by master craftsmen to establish authentic wood finish. We have great respect for the skilled eye of an artist and are therefore committed to the hand-colouring system. The resulting true-to-life shades speak for themselves.

Pursuing a sustainable path

We believe in the beauty of life in its many forms. Ensuring a sustainable future is intrinsic to our nature. Our approach to sustainability is simple. Every day, we consider the impact that our actions will have on the future of life, living and livelihoods, and strive to make choices that are fair and considerate.

Design Inspiration

Across countless design concepts, Millboard decking has provided the distinguishing touch to some of the finest outdoor areas. Click here to download 2021 Millboard Collection Brochure.  Worcester Timber Products are authorised merchants of Millboard and the core selection of products are now available onlineContact us to start planning your next project and discuss potential accessories needed.