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Step-by-step: installing Fencemate DuraPost

Aug 26, 2020 | Garden

Steel fence posts provide a strong and reliable system that will not alter or weaken over time.

Birkdale, the UK’s leading manufacturer of fencing and gate accessories for the trade, have developed the innovative Fencemate DuraPost. Manufactured from cold rolled galvanised steel, this enables it to withstand wind speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. Not only is it stronger than timber, it is also six-times less volume than a standard timber or concrete fencepost, and designed to be installed safely, efficiently and correctly, first time.

In addition, concrete fencing requires two individuals for the install due to its weight. DuraPost is up to 80 per cent lighter than concrete alternatives, so it is easy to transport, store and carry. As it can be installed by a single trade professional, the product can cut build time in half when compared with concrete fence posts.

How to install Fencemate DuraPost with prefabricated fence panels

Step 1:  Dig a hole 600mm deep at both ends of the desired length of fence and insert a post into each hole. Check that the height of the two posts is consistent by tying a line – for example a fishing line – from one to another. Use a measuring tape to check the height will be the same at various points along the line.

Fencemate Durapost Step 1

Step 2: Set the two posts in place with Post Concrete whilst checking that they are upright. Dig a third hole for the next post at an applicable distance – a fence panel’s length from the first hole.

Step 3: Position the lightweight DuraPost gravel board in the channel of the first post at the correct height, and secure it to the back of the post with colour matched screws. The gravel board needs to be set level for prefabricated panels.

Step 4: Slide the prefabricated fence panel into the channel above the gravel board and check the height is as desired.

Step 5: Secure the back of the panel to the post with screws.

Step 6: Position the next into the third hole before checking the alignment of its channel with the pre-installed fence panel and gravel board.

Step 7: Secure the post to the fence panel and gravel board with colour matched screws and set the post in place with concrete.

Step 8: Repeat the above steps as needed. Colour matched capping rails and post caps can then be fitted with screws, if desired, to create a smart and quality finish.

Worcester Timber Products are proud to be approved stockists of DuraPost, and provide a wide range to trade and DIY customers.  Our friends at Little Acres Gardens provide a fantastic overview of the product and installation.

The system is compatible with any type of timber fence panel or build-on-site fencing. It is also available in a choice of profiles and colours, with a range of capping accessories, to suit a variety of garden aesthetics.

See the full range of available at Worcester Timber Products.