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SITEMATE® – An installers best friend.

Aug 28, 2020 | Hardware

Created by fencing experts, specifically with fencing contractors in mind, Birkdale’s comprehensive SITEMATE® range of tools and fixings is designed to help make the installation process quicker and more secure.  Worcester Timber Products are now proud stockists of this extensive range.

From engineered fencer’s grafts to mini post hole diggers, the extensive tool and fixings range includes the right product for every job. As an installer, whether professional or DIY, it is vital to have confidence in the products you routinely fit and use on a daily basis. Whilst this notion is true for all sectors, it is particularly important for fencing contractors as without the right tools, fencing installations can become a real challenge, which end up costing time and in turn, money. Using poor quality fixing products can be a false economy – as it often results in a callback, affecting productivity, customer satisfaction and income.

Fortunately, with solutions like the SITEMATE® range, contractors can complete high-quality work with maximum speed and efficiency. Products from the superior tools and fixings range have been designed to offer unrivalled comfort for the handler, as well as unmatched strength and durability.

Across the SITEMATE® range, many solutions have been developed with unique features, allowing them to perform more effectively on-site. For example, when designing the graft blade range, Birkdale’s product design team took great time and effort to ensure the angle of the blade was perfectly calibrated for maximum efficiency.

Similarly, products such as the SITEMATE® Fencer’s Plier features specially designed, ergonomic handles for ease of use, as well as hardened steel plier heads for long-term durability. By combining performance with comfort, SITEMATE® is providing installers with a new ‘go-to’ option on jobs.

One standout solution from the SITEMATE® range is the new SITEMATE® Insulated Mini Post Hole Digger. The double-blade shovel product is ideal for removing dirt and debris when installing fence posts. Available with a fibre-glass handle, it has been designed for installing smaller diameter fencing posts and as such, it is ideal for use on domestic jobs, as well as for light industrial use.

The SITEMATE® range also features around 70 fixing products, including screws, nails, bolts and staples. Many fixings feature our innovative SITEMATE PowerPro® design. Products manufactured using the PowerPro® design are far stronger than average. As such, this allows fencing contractors to use the SITEMATE® screws in applications like timber, without the need of an impact driver. Furthermore, the same screws can be driven easily into masonry, without the need for lubricant. By eliminating these processes, fencing contractors can help to speed up on-site work and improve productivity. As a result, those in the trade can ensure all their attention is focused on achieving effective, long-lasting installations.

The SITEMATE® range is helping fencing contractors to make superior, safer installations every day. View the product range here.