Meyer Commercial Poplar Core Red Face Plywood, 18mm 2440 x 1220 View larger

Commercial Poplar Core Red Face Plywood (12 & 18mm)

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Meyer Commercial Red Faced Poplar Core Hardwood Plywood B BB CE2+


- 12mm 2440 x 1220

- 18mm 2440 x 1220

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- Loose

- Half pack

- Full pack

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Meyer Commercial Red Hardwood Faced Poplar Plywood is a slightly enhanced range of Chinese plywood intended for those customers who require plywood suitable for structural use in buildings at an economical price. The EN314-2 Bond Class 1 effectively restricts the range of permanent applications to dry interior use only (EN335 Use Class 1). It can be used temporarily in damper environments, provided the expected service life is 28 days or less. The red hardwood face veneer gives the appearance of topical hardwood plywood but at a lower cost.


- Economy product with limited properties

- Suitable for structural use in buildings

- Suitable for permanent use dry interior conditions only

- Suitable for temporary use humid or wet conditions

- Meets EN314-2 Bonding class 2

- Meets EN636 Specification class 1


- Internal wall strengthening

- Cupboards

- Furniture

- Packing cases

- Temporary boarding up of windows


Dimensions / Pack Size

12mm 2440 x 1220 

- Loose

- Half pack (39 boards)

- Full pack (78 boards)

18mm 2440 x 1200

- Loose

- Half pack (26 boards)

- Full pack (52 boards)


Plywood panels are made up of at least three thin layers (or plies) of wood, bonded together with a suitable adhesive. Each layer is usually orientated at a right angle to its adjacent layer. This creates impressive stiffness for a given thickness, which makes even some light weight panels suitable for challenging applications.

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