• 10m roll
  • 24kg
  • Polyester base material
  • Fine mineral finish
  • Ideal for sheds, hutches, kennels
  • Suitable for portable buildings
  • Charcoal colour
  • Easily fixed with clout nails

Polyester Shed Felt

Heavy duty, 10m
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High quality polyester, fine material roofing felt for use on sheds, kennels, hutches and other portable buildings.

Product use: Primarily intended for use as an economical weatherproofing membrane for sheds, non-habitable garden buildings and animal shelters. The polyester carrier results in a stronger and more durable product compared with standard shed felt, it also increases life expectancy of the product although this varied greatly due to expose to weather elements and quality of installation

Composition and manufacture: The base carrier consists of a high strength reinforced polyester sheet which is coated both sides in modified bitumen. The coated material is finished with a fine mineral granule on one side to aid UV protection and sand on the reverse. The membrane is cut to roll length, wrapped and labelled according to specification and customer  requirement.

Installation: Polyester Super Shed felt can be used as a single layer, but for best performance install over a suitable underlay which should be nailed onto the substrate. The Shed felt should then be installed using clout nails and felt adhesive to seal the laps (75mm min). Start from the eaves (lengthwise), work upwards and finish with overlaying the ridge. When installed as a single layer the minimum pitch of the roof should be greater than 20 degrees. Membranes coated with oxidised bitumen remain flexible above 5°c. During colder periods care must be taken when handling and installing as to prevent cracking of the bitumen and damaging the membrane. It is not recommended to use below 5°c

Storage and handling: Do not drag rolls across rough surfaces, they should be lifted. They should be stood on their end on a dry surface. If using pallets do not stack more than 2 high. Avoid mechanical damage and wet storage conditions. During colder periods it is recommended that rolls are stored at a temperature above 10°c for 24 hours prior to use, and not unrolled, folded or used in temperatures below 5°c

Product compliance: The product complies with BS EN 13707:2004+A2:2009 and CPR 305/2011/EU. It is CE marked under the Factory Production Control Certificate number 0836-CPR-13/F049

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Weight24 kg
Dimensions10 × 1 mm



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