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  • Millboard
  • Collection: Weathered Oak
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low Carbon footprint
  • 3 colour options
  • Board Size: 3600 x 200 x 32mm
  • Coverage: 1.36 boards per m2
  • Samples available

Millboard, Weathered Oak

3 Colours, 3600 x 200 x 32mm
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Create an atmosphere with our timeless, elegant boards. Manufactured in the UK, Millboard Weathered Oak decking boards are beautifully aged in appearance.  Moulded from over a century old oak boards and hand-coloured with authentic tones.  This collection retains its natural beauty and offers a surface with minimal maintenance and very high slip-resistance even in wet conditions. Time honoured style.

Colour options

Embered boards achieve the sought-after style whilst also maintaining stain and fade resistance. Richly textured and dramatically chic. Embered provides a sensational stage or backdrop to a glamorous outdoor space. Combine the look of Eastern heritage techniques with contemporary engineering.

Driftwood boards has an incomparable look of sea-washed timber.  Driftwood's subtle hue and characterful texture create an easy, relaxed style, ideal for laid-back coastal living.  Reminiscent of tidal landscapes. Driftwood creates a bohemian, escapist getaway and works perfectly alongside swimming pools and outdoor features.

Vintage is styled with darker tones that work perfectly in country retreats, coastal getaways and city chic courtyards.  Tastefully aged and utterly timeless, the Vintage colour option adds stately and refined look at any space. Achieve the classic beauty of a natural, weathered oak finish.

For more information or to view other options in the Millboard collection, download brochure.

Coverage & Dimensions

Each board measures 200 x 3600 x 32mm, with an approximate coverage of 1.36 boards per m2.Created by Millboard, the Decking Calculator is a handy tool to help you to calculate the amount of decking and the components that you will need for your project.

Why choose Millboard Decking

  • Resistant to algae : Unlike wood, there is no protein content to assist algae growth within the boards
  • Environmentally friendly : Base materials have low impact on global warming and ozone depletion
  • Hygienic : It's non porous surface is easy to clean for spills and deposits
  • UV and weathering stability : Millboard decking has been tested in most weathers and temperatures
  • Slip resistant : High grip surface much safer than wood, especially in the wet
  • Lightweight : Easier to handle and install
  • Low maintenance : Resists stains from food or drinks spills and algae growth
  • 'Lost head' fixing : Durafix® fixings are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane® surface
  • Moulded from real oak : Not extruded like most composites.  Millboard decking looks just like the real thing
  • Splinter-free : No wood content means absolutely no splinters
  • Does not warp or rot like real wood : No timber content that will rot or be eaten by insects and pests
  • Low carbon footprint : Independently and UKAS accredited to the ISO 14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark

Crafted to perfection

Each length of Millboard is the result of a long process of craftmanship and attention to detail.  From the initial laying of the unique Lastane(R) surface, right through to the pouring of fibre-reinforced resin-mineral filler, Millboard focus on achieving the finest quality of finish. Each piece is hand-coloured to establish an authentic wood finish.

For a durable deck, don’t forget what goes underneath it

Millboard subframe options give you the best combination of durability, flexibility and ease of use. Especially combined with our DuoLift® cradles. Contact us to discuss options.

Installation Guide

View the video, or download installation guide.  To locate an approved Millboard installer in your location, please click here.

"The boards look amazing - they genuinely look shaped and worn by the sea"
Oliver - Homeowner


At Millboard, they know that only the best will do, and that’s why their decking boards are manufactured to the highest of standards. Their Limited Warranty gives you peace of mind that they stand behind their product and that they will be there for you if something goes wrong. You must register within 90 days of purchase and ensure their Durafix® fixings have been used to fix the decking to the subframe. If you are registering Millboard decking boards, edging or fascia boards, they will issue you with either a 25 Year Limited Structural Decking Warranty or a 5 Year Limited Structural Decking Warranty, depending on the installation application of the boards.

How to order / Delivery options 

We highly recommended contacting us to discuss your needs.  Our team can assist you in calculating requirements and additional accessories that may be required for your installation.  Regarding delivery, Worcester Timber Products standard delivery options and charges do not apply to Millboard Products. Millboard provide a variety of options dependent on location, access, offloading and volume of order.  Contact or visit us.


Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 3600 × 200 × 32 mm

Embered, Vintage, Driftwood

Millboard Collection

Weathered Oak


Resin-mineral / Composite



1.36 boards per m2

All product photographs and images are for illustration purpose only. Prices include VAT. If you are purchasing Timber, as this is a natural product which is affected by temperature and moisture, it can expand, fade, warp, crack or split. This will not diminish the overall quality of the products supplied, and is not a default in manufacturing processes.


All prices include VAT


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