6ft x 4ft Traditional Picket Fence Round Tops

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  • 1828mm wide x 1200mm high 
  • Pressure treated timber 
  • Stainless steel nails 
  • Available in Brown or Green 
  • 22mm thick picket pales 
  • Back rail 75mm x 32mm 

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Sometimes known as palisade fences, our high quality picket fence panels bring an attractive contemporary bearing to this traditional method of defining the borders and boundaries of your property. We make all panels by hand using pressure treated timber which gives them a guaranteed lifespan of 10-15 years (depending on usage).

We also only use stainless steel nails which not only last as long but will guard against unsightly discolouration and streaking caused by lower-grade nails. We offer two styles of picket fence panel - traditional picket fence or heavy duty picket fence. Both boast superior 22mm thick picket pales (in comparison with many that offer only around 16mm thickness), and are available in two colours: tanalised (natural colour) which is recommended if you prefer a lighter colour or plan to paint your panels; or tanatone (brown) which gives a darker, stained look.

Matching picket gates are available, and we also supply timber posts in a range of heights. We recommend purchasing posts that will allow at least 1' to go into the ground. These should be fixed using postmix or metal post spikes. Picket fence panels should overlap and meet in the middle of the front of the post and can be screwed straight into the post. Individual picket pales to cover the joins can also be purchased here.

All panels are sold in 6' widths, but we can cut back or halve these for you if needed. To discuss bespoke requirements or any other queries please call 01299 250744 or email us on info@worcestertimberproducts.co.uk

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