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How is artificial grass installed?

Jul 22, 2021 | Easigrass, Garden

A sleek, seamless finish that mimics the beauty of natural grass – that’s what every homeowner wants from their artificial lawn.  If you are considering artificial grass for your home or business, and unsure how it is installed, then this is a perfect guide for you. Worcester Timber Products are proud stockists of Easigrass, working with Easigrass Worcestershire for installations.  Please do however note that every artificial grass company may install a little differently.

This is a brief guide of the process for Easigrass.

Step One – Edging Protection

First, the edging which surrounds the current lawn is inspected and protected to ensure if doesn’t get damaged during the installation process.

Step Two – Removal of Grass

Next, the current grass must be removed to pave the way for the new.  This is done using specialist cutting machines – the process takes up the grass and the root base.

Step Three – Laying of Porous Membrane

Now the base is prepared, Easigrass geotextile membrane can be layed.  This is designed to prevent weeds from growing through and allows water to drain easily without pooling.

Step Four – Aggregates

Easigrass recommend than placing aggregate layers on top of the membrane.  The heavy-duty aggregate is laid first, and then atop this is laid the finer sand aggregate which is smoothed over to create a flat surface.

Step Five – Outdoor Reducing Product (Optional)

If you have pets, this it the stage when the Easigrass odour-reducing product is incorporated.  Created from volcanic ash and applied using specialist drop-spreading machines, this layer keeps your lawn hygienic and free from pet odours.

Step Six – Laying the Grass

Now comes the laying of the grass itself.  With a range of exceptional grass types to choose from, you will find a product that suits your needs and style preferences.  The artificial grass is laid by an experienced team and with all the edges finished to high standards.

Step Seven – Seam joints closed

For a flawless finish, all seam joints are glued together using durable and specialist undertape – ensuring final joints are discrete and almost invisible.

Step Eight – Odour-eating material (optional)

Once again, if you have pets, it is best to introduce another layer of odour-eating material, this time on top of the turf.  This is evenly distributed and hand-brushed over the top of the yard so it gets into the base of the grass itself.

Step Nine – Silica Sand

Silica sand is now introduced to the entire area, with a double infill ratio around the outer perimeter of the lawn.  Using specialist brushes, the sand is driven deep into the base of the lawn to ensure a stunning final finish.

Step Ten – Clean up!

The team will make sure to clean the work area before handover, clearing up the whole garden and sweeping up debris so you can enjoy the final result in its full glory.

Worcester Timber Products are stockists of Easigrass.  Within the show garden area, you will find an installation of Easigrass products.  Easigrass are award-winning artificial grass manufacturer and installer.  Their ultra-realistic grass has won an RHS Hold Medal, highlighting its beauty, durability and quality.  With pre-friendly and child-safe options are also available, their grass really is for everyone.  Contact for further information.