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A guide to decorative fence panels

Oct 8, 2022 | Blog, DuraPost, Garden, Timber

Decorative fence panels are usually chosen by homeowners and garden designers who want fence panels to become a main feature within the garden. Sometimes, fence panels are there only to frame or mark the boundary of the garden, so simpler designs are chosen. Or, if planting is the main feature, a less decorative fence panel can be chosen to not deter or distract from the decorative borders.


Yes, different decorative fencing and designs can be decided, however, some styles of fencing are designed to be more decorative than others. Different styles will offer various characteristics, for example, you can get decorative fencing for privacy or just for aesthetics.


  • To add character and interest to your garden. Use decorative fence panels to create a focal point.
  • Choose decorative fencing to suit the style of your home.
  • To have fencing which looks great but still provides privacy and security


Elite Slatted TopA well-constructed double-sided panel offers a pleasing view from either side.  The elite slatted top fence panel is manufactured using a heavier framework yet remain a competitively priced option.  The in-built lattice creates a decorative top which will allow light into your garden.

Omega Lattice TopOmega lattice top decorative fence panels stand out from the crowd with its unique diamond trellis. Outstanding quality, and with a smooth finish, these great looking panels are made from the finest grade timber, kiln-fried for longevity.

Horizontal Lattice TopThis is a flat continental fence panel with a small diamond trellis that adds character.  Both aspects of the panel are identical and can be appreciated equally from both sides making this a perfect panel for neighbour boundaries.

SlattedThese contemporary panels bring a stylish but modern touch to your garden, with a thing gap allowing light and breeze to pass through.  Offering a sense of privacy without blocking off your garden. Double sided slatted panels are also available, increasing privacy further, and ensuring a uniform look on both sides.

Square HorizontalAlso known as hit and miss, these refined classic panels create an elegant boundary.  As they look the same from both sides, they can ensure no neighbourly disputes. Horizontally boarded with a flat top, these are a very popular panel.

Tongue & Groove Arched TopThese fully framed premium panels give total privacy with a professional smooth finish.  Great for security and noise control, the arch effect also provides interest to any garden border.

Tongue & Groove Flat TopA robust panel, these luxury panels give total privacy, and are ideal for security and noise control.  The design originates from the Victorian era, allowing for two flat pieces of timber to be joined together.

Tongue & Groove Lattice Top – A fully framed tongue and groove bottom with a stylish addition of a diamond trellis on top.  Providing a standard height fence, whilst still allowing light to enter your garden, these premium panels are ideal for security and noise control.

TrellisArguably the most decorative popular panel, it is designed with the exact function to be decorative. Generally not recommended for privacy, these panels are popular as a feature use, such as increasing the height of walls or existing fence, to help grow climbing plants, or create sides to structures or backdrops. Smaller trellis panels are ideal to use as ‘fence toppers’ to increase privacy and security.

Venetian – Great for creating attractive light effects as the sun moves around your outdoor space, these premium grade slatted fence panels can be integral to helping you create the ultimate atmosphere in your garden.  Also ideal for sides of pergolas, or for screening off unsightly items.


Capping rails provide a finishing frame to your fence that stretches from post to post. Post caps are added on top of fence posts as a decorative feature. Available in four different styles, ball & collar, acorn, chamfered, and half round, there is a design to suit any decorative fence. Post caps can be added to both standard and slotted fence post to add elegant finishing decorative touch in the style of your choosing.

These small additions can add a decorative touch when installing fencing, but also to add a little something to your existing fence. With the many options available for decorative fencing panels, including custom made designs, why not visit the display area at Worcester Timber Products, located on Hartlebury Trading Estate, DY10 4JB, or look at their website www.worcestertimberproducts.co.uk for more information and inspiration.